I’ve lost my drive—again…but now I’ve found it again; so watch out world ‘cause I’m back!

And I hope laziness doesn’t catch me anytime soon

Top: Cotton On

Bottom: Cotton On

Shoes: Converse

Bag: Lloyd Baker

I hate glitter.

Dress: Forever 21

Shoes: Converse

Bag: Lloyd Baker

Take me out to the zoo and I will treasure the moment forever. I love going to zoos especially those with close encounter shows, or better yet, those that allow interaction with the animals. These pictures here were taken in Singapore Zoo which I really love. 

so you're going to XU? are you going to enroll in this upcoming school year? :)
- Anonymous

Why you ask? :) 

Because I heard Fairy Tail’s back!

Because I heard Fairy Tail’s back!

i see, good luck then! =)) you're going back to that same school you had?
- Anonymous

No, I’ve decided to stay home, in CDO. I’ve thought about it a lot (and although I still have thoughts of going back to that school until now), I already made my decision to stay where my meal is already set on the table for breakfast, lunch and dinner; where I can just dump my used clothing at the laundry basket and someone would wash them for me; where I can easily ask help from my parents; and etc… ‘cause trust me, you need all your focus on your medical studies.

At our orientation, a doctor asked the class to stand up if his following questions applies to us: ‘who among you here are not from Cebu?’ and ‘who among you here are away from his/her family for the first time?’ I stood up twice. And then he said that those who stood up twice will have the most difficulty since we have three adjustments to do: 1) adjust to med school; 2) adjust to the city; and 3) adjust to the independent life. So yeah… that’s why my body weakened.

And I’m still going to my doctor for check-ups and I do not know when these check-ups will end… probably not ‘cause I have no functional thyroid gland anymore and I have a maintenance that has to last a lifetime. =)

Quite a long answer… and by the way, thank you! =)

I have this weird sickness that whenever I see food on tv, I suddenly get hungry and whatever food I have seen is usually the one I’m craving for. 

are you still going to pursue med school? :)
- Anonymous

I’m not giving up on my dream of becoming a doctor, that’s for sure! :) I had withdrawn from med school due to health reasons. But I’m doing well now so I’m coming back this upcoming school year. :D

I actually have three worlds:

  1. Reality
  2. My dreams and
  3. My daydreams

My black Converse shoes’ got to be my favorite one. It’s comfortable; I can freely move around with it; and it matches anything! Or at least anything that’s in my closet. Also, I’ve included my bag… I vow to give all of my bags chances to be used so each of them may serve their purpose—and not be covered in dust and become shelters of those icky eight-legged creatures. Eeeeck! 

Top: Old one that I forgot what brand

Bottom: WAGW

Shoes: Converse

Bag: Kipling

photo 1660438_296659723817860_890875334_nx_zps35c92971.jpg

C L I C K here ==> untangled

Why do you reblog your photos instead of making a new one instead? Not being so neggy here but just askin :D
- Anonymous

Hi! Sorry, I just found this message! I’m not sure how long this stayed in my inbox since there was no notification (don’t know what’s wrong)… So my apologies if it took awhile… Anyway, I reblog my old ones because I had nothing new to post or was just too lazy to make a new one and I wanted to keep my posts “active”. LOL. I know it’s weird but I only do that if it has been a while since my last post and because of the reasons I mentioned above, I reblog my old ones instead.